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With a passion for harmony (and the human body), Gallinée is devoted to creating skincare that balances the skin’s natural microbiome to ensure youthful and supple results. While some companies only focus on the surface, Gallinée digs deeper and emphasizes the importance of healthy skin by offering a rich formula of prebiotics and probiotics that target bacteria at the source.

The skin’s ecosystem is the proud centerpiece of Gallinée’s mission. Having a healthy microbiome (the collection of living microorganisms in and on the human body) is key to overall human sustainability. It acts as a protective shield to the external and internal elements, so having products that enhance its role is a definite must! With the ever-expanding research of our microbiomes, from our gut to our skin, Gallinée products are at the forefront to ensure that everyone has access to the best skincare formulas.

From the brightening effects of Gallinée’s Face Vinegar to the concentrated cocktail of pre and probiotics of the Youthful Serum, each Gallinée product is equipped to help bring harmony and balance to your skin's unique ecosystem.

At SkinStore, we're proud to be an official stockist of Gallinée skincare in the United States, so browse our range today.
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